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One month left to share your councils views on BROADBAND universal service obligation

As you may know, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport recently issued a consultation on the design of Broadband Universal Service Obligation.

NALC will be responding to consultation on behalf of the local councils that we represent and we would like you to email your thoughts to us on a number of key areas of the consultation. These include:

  • A proposed minimum download speed of at least 10Mbps
  • Proposed additional quality parameters of 1Mbps upload speed, minimum standards for

latency, a maximum sharing between customers (a ‘contention ratio’ of 50:1), and data

cap of at least 100GB per month

  • The technologies which can deliver the USO.
  • A proposed cost threshold of £3,400 per premise, and that demand aggregation should

be an essential feature of USO implementation to ensure as many people who want to

get connected, do get connected

  • That there should be uniform pricing for the USO
  • That the costs should be met by industry through a cost- sharing mechanism which will

be established by Ofcom once the specification for the USO has been set in secondary


  • Measures to be taken in designing the USO that will help minimise market distortion
  • The current level of market interest in becoming a Universal Service Provider(s) (Section
  • Proposed arrangements for monitoring and review of the USO.

Local councils are at the very heart of their local community and that is why NALC thinks it is vital we hear from them.

The deadline for responses to us is 5pm Monday 2 October

If you would like to read more about the consultation please visit:


Please email Jessica Lancod-Frost with any thoughts you have on any of the points included above


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