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NEXT MEETING Wednesday 16th January 2019 7.30pm Saltford Village Hall 



AGENDA Area Group meeting 19th September 2018

Draft Minutes of the BNES Area Group AGM 9th May 2018

Please be reminded that the next meeting will be on Wednesday 19th September at Saltford Hall refreshments from 1910 hrs, the agenda will be sent nearer the meeting date.
As always agenda items please to Kathie Thomas and Rosemary Naish.  Clerks - Please provide Kathie with the name and email address of your Chairman


Broadband update


Streetworks Toolkit

The Next BNES UA ALCA Group meeting is in Compton Martin on 24th January 2018. AGENDA

Apologies to Kathy Thomas please

B&NES UA Area Group meeting notes 28/9/17 LINK 

There is still debate about a possible PL conference next year. Nothing has yet been decided, but I would encourage all to visit the Bath City Conference on 13th Oct to see what might be proposed.

HELAA – this has now been circulated for comment form parishes. Please note that B&NES planning dept. are expecting parishes to correct mistakes. On the Clutton sites there are 3 where mistakes have been made regarding the Green Belt! Please do scrutinise your sites carefully.

Finally congratulations to Cameley Parish Council who have been awarded Local Council Award - Foundation status


 The meeting of Parish Liaison Meeting scheduled for Thursday, 22nd June, 2017, 6.30 pm has been postponed until Wednesday 12 July, 6.30pm.


You can view the meeting details from the link: Meeting details


The next Area Group meeting is on the 28th September in Batheaston  DETAILS 

Draft Minutes of the Area Group AGM on Thursday 25th May

Proposed 17/18 meeting dates (may be subject to change) 

EXTRA MEETING -Devolution and Parish Charter AGENDA 

Draft meeting note 13th April 2016 

AGENDA 13th April 2016 


Call for sites – New Local Plan

Bath & North East Somerset Council has started to prepare a new Local Plan (previously known as the Core Strategy Review) that will cover the period 2016-2036. The Core Strategy Review Commencement Document was consulted on in November and December 2016. The primary purpose of the Local Plan 2016-2036 (LP) is to identify and allocate sites to meet the housing and economic development requirements established by the West of England Joint Spatial Plan. A housing and economic land availability assessment (HELAA) is required in order to identify and assess land that could be considered for allocation in the LP.

The purpose of the HELAA is to provide evidence to inform the Local Plan. National planning guidance describes the purpose of the HELAA as follows;

“The assessment is an important evidence source to inform plan making but does not in itself determine whether a site should be allocated for development. This is because not all sites considered in the assessment will be suitable for development (e.g. because of policy constraints or if they are unviable). It is the role of the assessment to provide information on the range of sites which are available to meet need, but it is for the development plan itself to determine which of those sites are the most suitable to meet those needs.”

The council is now undertaking a call for sites (CFS) which is a request land to be identified and submitted to the council for assessment through the HELAA process. Land should be submitted to the council by Wednesday 8th March 2017. Anyone can submit land for consideration, but part of the assessment relates to the availability of the land and therefore land will normally need to be owned by someone who is willing to develop it, or sell the land to a third party who is willing to do so. Apart from availability, the assessment considers both the suitability and the achievability of land. The Department for Communities and Local Government’s Planning Practice Guidance provides further information about HELAA.


Please download and complete a form either from the link on the HELAA Webpage or directly via this link and return it by Wednesday 8th March 2017, along with a plan that clearly and accurately identifies the site boundary and any other attachments to:

· (preferred); or

· Planning Policy, Planning Services, Bath & North East Somerset Council, Lewis House, Manvers Street, Bath, BA1 1JG.

If you have previously submitted a site for inclusion in a call for sites, please complete a new form, in order to provide up-to-date information on the availability and achievability of sites and to confirm suitability credentials and site boundaries (if boundaries have not changed a new plan is not required – please state previous reference and that boundaries have not changed).

Data Protection Statement: This information is collected by Bath and North East Somerset Council as data controller in accordance with the data protection principles in the Data Protection Act 1998. The purposes for collecting this data are: to assist in plan making, to contact you, if necessary, regarding the answers given on this form, and to keep you informed of progress with plan making. Some of the data relating to specific sites will be made public as it will form part of the evidence base used to inform the creation of planning policy documents.

The above purposes may require public disclosure of any data received on the form, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Daone

Team Manager, Planning Policy


T: 01225 477548

Parishes Liaison briefing note 10-03-16

Draft notes of the meeting on 27th January 2016

AGENDA - 27th January 2016

Broadband presentation Parish & Settlement Analysis - Chris Head, WERN. 

Minutes of the B&NES ALCA Area Group meeting on 23rd September 2015

Minutes of the ALCA B&NES Area Group meeting 27th May 2015

Minutes of the Parishes Liaison Meeting with B&NES Council on 17th June 2015


B&NES Council Scrutiny Panel Annual Report 16-17 

B&NES Council Move to Electronic Planning Consultation APRIL 2016

B&NES Council Town and Parishes Planning Support Page 

B&NES Council Development Management Training presentation 

B&NES Council Development Control Training presentation

B&NES Council Planning Policy Training Presentation 


B&NES Parish Charter

Parish Liaison Group Terms of Reference 

BNES Inter-agency meeting