Councillor training

Being a Good Councillor 

The essential course for new and experienced councillors on all the up to date duties and powers of a local council in this fast paced modern world. The role of Local Councils in modern government, their duties and powers, Councillors and the Code of Conduct, Standing Orders, DPI's and involvement in meetings, etc., the Clerks responsibilities, the Chairman's role, the latest updates on legislation and much more!!

These courses are offered periodically throughout the year and can be booked for individuals directly from the link on the right hand side of this website.

AT YOUR PLACE - Being a Good Councillor

For a fixed fee of £200 (£400 for non-members) to come to your venue and do a cut down (approx. 2 and half hour) of the one-day essential Being a Good Councillor training session. If you need the Good Councillor Guides, these are an extra £2.50 each (sorry, but we have to buy them from the national organisation).

Your council provides the venue and some refreshments. You can have as many attendees as you like. We encourage you, as the Clerk to attend, so that you know what information the councillors have been given.

The advantages are:

  • Reduced cost - scheduled sessions are £60 per participant
  • Everyone hear the same information at the same time and can ask for clarification, which helps reduce mis-understandings.
  • If there has been any friction amongst the Councillors this can sometimes provide an indirect and non-confrontational mediation effect.
  • Councillors are more likely to attend at their own venue, even better if it is the same day of the week as their regular meetings.
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