The Essential Councillor Course
Date - 06/09/21 - Time: 6.30 - 8.30 - Location: Zoom - Price: £40

Essential Councillor

This course is a “whistle stop tour” of the essential information and knowledge required by anyone wanting to be a good Local Councillor. It is suitable for both new and more experienced Local Councillors who need an update on the never-ending changes to the law and regulations effecting Local Councils.

It also gives and insight into how Local Councillors can be effective in influencing emerging new laws and changing the policies and procedures that currently govern Local Councils

Undertaking this course is also an important indicator in the assessment of a Quality Council, in the Local Council Awards Scheme.


This course will give participants the knowledge to be more effective in their role as a Local Councillor and by the end of the session participants will:

· have a good understanding of their role as a Local Councillor and the wider context in which Local Councils operate

· know the rules of what they must, or must not do, as a Council, Local Councillor, employer and financial manager

· understand the legislative and regulatory framework for councils (which is different from that of a district council) to enable them to stick to the rules

· understand more about the structure of meetings and the protocols observed by Local Councils

· know more about the role of the Local Councillor as a representative and the two-way communication process between Local Councils and residents

· help them with being an effective Local Councillor in terms of community engagement/action.

Course benefits:

This course aims to give Local Councillors improved confidence in engaging in local democracy and how they are expected to behave their public role.

The topics covered include:

· meeting structure and protocol

· Local Council powers and duties

· the General Power of Competence

· allocating resources, including under Section 137

· planning

· the code of conduct

· declarations of interest

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