A plain guide on Planning for Local Councillors
Date - 30/09/17 - Time: 10:30 -13:00 - Location: Emersons Green Village Hall - Price: £50

Local (parish and town) councils play an important role in commenting on the planning applications that affect their area. The Government wants to see planning decisions taken at the lowest level possible and so once the local planning authority has received a planning application it will publicise the proposal and notify the Local Council so that they have a chance to express their views.

How can Local Council make sure that their comments on planning applications are as effective as possible and taken into account by the local planning authority? This course will give you lots of advice, hints and tips to assist you as a councillor with this important task.

Comments from the previous session: 

· Very useful with practical examples

· Excellent presentation full of very useful information – many thanks

· Absolutely cracking course!! I will recommend to my fellow councillors. Very practical and relevant to councillors!

· Massively informative

· Very good and pitched very well

· Very useful, clear, interesting – friendly, helpful terms

· Excellent (X2)

· Very good!

· Excellent – Should encourage all councillors to attend

· Good information without too much detail. Entertaining. Well Done!

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